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Permissions in the City – Interventions

Mar 2009

Who I can contact:

– 311: ask to who I should talk about permissions
– Mayor’s Office – have different departments
– Film Department at NYU
– Business Improvement District
– MTA Schedules Department
– Christina Ray – Conflux
– Creative Time ( look for press releases – person)
– LMCC (Lower Manhattan Cultural Council)
– City Council
– Grimshaw Architects – Responsible for street furniture

– Present the idea in concrete, explicit and well organized
– Talk about the materials that will be used
– Can always present the performance as a shooting scene


Mar 2009

Robot Parade from Jared Foster on Vimeo.

Next 5 steps

Feb 2009

1. Do more research and brainstorming about the ideas presented

2. Talk with people: Clay Shirky, Kio, Nancy Henchinger …

3. Get to a final idea – more clear, more objective and more concrete

4. Go back to step ne and re-write again and adapt

5. Start to develope a plan – schedule, plans, methodologies.

Research – Bluetooth tracking

Feb 2009

“A Dutch guy seems to have set up a small network of bluetooth scanners. He has all the information logged to a central database and you can search it over the web. On his website it says “Some of these matches were only minutes apart. Therefore I could even calculate the approximate speed of someone moving from one location to another.”. There are also some interesting statistics on his site showing traffic volume in his hometown (based on bluetooth signals) and he even lists popularity of certain Nokia phones. It’s interesting to see how much information an individual can gather using old equipment.”

Research: Inspiration

Jan 2009

Alice Tseng Planas Thesis and Relational Aesthetics in general
Mouna Andraos : Power Cart
Ilan Schifter: OutPlay
Julianne Swartz
Improv Everywhere
MIlk and Tales
– Narrative Environments
Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby – Design Noir

Thesis Statement 1

Jan 2009

We invented and created communication technologies to approximate people that are separated in space, geographically separated: the telephone,the radio, the tv, the Internet, the cellphone. (To bring closer what is far away (tele) ).
The effect that this technologies had in our society and in our daily life is immense and precious. For me, for example, is incredible.  I’m in NY but still I can talk and see my mother everyday when she wakes up and right before I go to bed as a goodnight kiss; I can talk with my best friends and “feel” their affection; I can talk with my boyfriend everyday, several times per day.

But at the same time these technologies that aim to bring closer and break distances had the effect of separate us from what is near us, lock us online and turn us into screen addicts.(explain better…and see if I’m not going to use screens..eheeh!!).

We need to develop more projects that encourage social interactions in the city to make people go out, revive the idea of public space and bring people together.

Sometimes is time to change…to go back “home”

Jan 2009

This week I was sick at home. When we spend too much time alone we think too much.  I started thinking better about the initial idea I had for thesis and I started to question if it was really want I desire to make for thesis.

For me thesis is not only another project but also a culmination of the projects I have been developing at ITP. Since I was not happy and confused I decided to go back and review some of the projects ( following the advice of Marina). Is not that I don’t know what I did and what move me to develop them but It was a very important exercise to go back and analyze them. ( see previous posts).

What that I took from it ? First:  I’m really interested in encourage social interactions in different contexts, that could be or not mediated through technology and that bring people together physically. ( on the “real world”). That is the aim of the majority of the projects.

And that is what I really want to keep explore in my thesis. First I was divided if I wanted to do a new project or just pick one of the previous and develop it much further.I’m still not decided in what exactly/concrete I want to do and I’m just going to talk about all of them:

1. I think that in the context of the museums, there still a lot of work that can be done to improve the museums as social spaces. ( MuseumTalk). Maybe start from the scratch or take some ideas that are part of the older project. Motivation: I always love museums and I’ll be very happy to develop a project that could enrich the experience of visiting a museum – from the social point of view.

2. Please do Disturb: I really like to put this project in practice and do some user testing. I faced it as a research in how different media require different things from it’s users but also get different responses. The idea is to develop it both in paper and with cellphones, implement, test it, analyze results and develop a final version based on that data.

3. Jealous Furniture: I would like to keep exploring concepts that are related with critical design. One of the ideas is to bring this concept to the streets and have objects or possible street furniture that assume critical attitude over the urban environment and maybe, the “internet of things”.

4. Start a new project from the begining: I still have the fantasy of building a vehicle ( this is part of my previous idea). I like the idea of a vehicle that I could take into the city, walk around with it and do funny things with it and interact with people in order to break their daily routine.  I though about creating a kind of childs  environment – where there is a machine that people have to interact to get something from her. Somehow enigmatic and fun that could motivate people to participate. The idea is that people are atracted to interact and play because of the vehicle itself but what I really wanted to do is to motivate people to interact with each other. A) to operate with the vehicle/machine and to get something from it, more that one person is needed. B) or when we get something from the machines we have to do something that involves interact with others…. more hard to convince people to “play”.

5. Another idea that I had is to have 4 or 5 “vehicles” that can circulate in a park, in NY. ( Washington Park or Tompkins Square Park – chosen by dimension). Each one could be conducted by a person and they will be doing something in relation with the environment. The idea is that they will try to make the person move the vehicles closer to the other ones.  For example, each “vehicle” is capturing video of the surrounding environment but it doesn’t have access to that data since is sending that same data to other vehicle. The other vehicle is also doing the same – so what one is receiving is what the other is transmitting. With image is simple to explain- since we can see the park but the image that we see on the screen is from another part. Play with this kind of games…still hard to define them in concrete.

The idea is to keep exploring ideas and play with them for now. I hope one makes a click in my heart! I will try to develop this ideas better in other posts and make them more clear and comprehensible.


Jan 2009

Jealous Furniture

Jan 2009

Aim: critic the time we spend on a computer and not enjoying real life. Play with how machines can express human emotions.

Description: Playing with the Real versus Virtual, Jealous Furniture critic the time we spent nowadays in front of a computer, connected to the “Virtual World” instead of enjoying the pleasure of “reality”. A set of objects will be designed that adapt ” jealous” behaviors, calling or attention or disturbing you. Ex: a lamp( extreme importance for the perception/function of the space) that moves and dim disturbing the space if you spend to much time online; a bookshelf that throws books to the floor or to you, criticizing that nowadays we don’t read anymore but we scan data from website to website without absorbing and understanding it’s meaning

PostMortem: I really like this project. It is a design intervention that worked really well. I think that the only thing I could improve is the final look of the bookshelf and the lamp that needs more work.

I still think that one of my initial ideas was to have street furniture on the streets on the city to have critical behaviors. What I don’t know ?

Please Do Disturb

Jan 2009

Aim: create social interactions in the context of a building/ apartment

Description: Please do disturb is a social experiment, a community based project that aims to encourage social interaction in the context of a building. How many neighbors do you know in the building where you live ? do you interact with them ? The idea of this project came from the “Please don’t disturb sign” that normally we see in hostels and subvert it’s meaning by creating a visual system that invite people to disturb. I thought that the perfect place for this to occur is a building. Shared by so many people that don’t know each other or if do, don’t say more than a “Hi!” or ” Bye!” .Instead of using the signs posted in the door of each apartment, the idea is that each person when wanted to be disturb, should post a sign in the mailboxes. The mailboxes acts as a “shortcut” for the door, since it is visible to all the persons that lived and that entered in the building.

PostMortem: This is a project that was never tested. It still needs to be designed to work better and to improve it’s usability. A critic that I received when I presented was that why I was developing it with paper ( analog) and not with technology? I think that maybe because I really like it to have this more informal look or raw or maybe because I wanted to create a system that could be used everywhere and by everyone, without requiring a computer or any kind of tech to be installed.  The critic also was talking about the fact that a person living on the 6 floor had to come downstairs to “updated” their status but in part I think I wanted to put action/responsibility on people to make it work.

Today I think a little bit different. First after a while, people loose interested but with or without technology. But I still would like to test with and without technology. Improve the same system, build and test. And design a new system to work with cellphones and sms – since everyone has one and every cellphone has the ability of sending sms ( to the system – not to individual neighbors – the privacy will be maintain).



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